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Marke neue original PMD1204PQBX-A 4CM 4028 12V 6.8 W high-speed server fan

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  • sku: r968
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Stichwörter: Kühler Prozessor, Bergmann fan 4028, fan hdd, fan-Festplatte, 60mm fan, cooler hdd, Fall hyperx, fan for server, cooler xeon, Kühler für hdd.

Marke neue original PMD1204PQBX-A 4CM 4028 12V 6.8 W high-speed server fan

Modell: PMD1204PQBX-Größe: 40x40x28mm (4028) Bearing: double ball Nennspannung: 12V 3 Linien Betriebsspannung: 4V-13V Current: 6.8 W Speed: 16000rpm Air Volumen: 24.9 CFM Wind Druck: 1.95 inch-H2O Lärm: 56d-BA Nachhaltigen Betrieb Zeit 100,000 Stunden Gewicht: 42g Anschluss: Main board, standard drei-pin

  • Marke Name: Kühl Kalt
  • Modell Anzahl: PMD1204PQBX-A
  • Power: 1.56 W
  • Typ: Fan
  • Fan Leben: 30000 Stunden
  • Paket: No
  • Lager: Zwei Kugellager
  • Fan Speed Control: 2500 U / min
  • Anwendung: Grafikkarte
  • Fan Größe: 70x70x15mm
  • Power Interface: 3pin
  • Air Volume: 30CFM
  • Lärm: 25dBA
  • Linien: 3 Linien
  • Kühlkörper-Material: Kunststoff
  • Kompatibler CPU: 1

The fan was received, but with a defect, it was very noisy obviously the lubrication was dry. It may be that the fan has been in the warehouse for a long time. Opened the dispute sent video proof. Got half a refund. The seller wanted me to return the goods to him, but it is clearly clear that sending goods of this value is not profitable and the whole procedure can last several months. The Crown closed us for a month and I didn't have a chance to do it at all. Thanks to team Ali came to my dispute with understanding. Successful shopping
Danielle Luvsmarines
Ordered from this seller 2 same fans. One came with a defect and this one works fine.

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